Web Viewer

easy way to help user in web service

Cloud free service

Support all web browsers

No need to install any software on client side

Easy to install in service

Install Web Viewer

Put this code:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://1webviewer.com/client_side/1webviewer.js" async></script>

between tags <head> </head> on pages, where you wish use service

and that's all

Use Web Viewer

1. User move the mouse cursor to top-left corner, where appear symbol "?".
Then click the mouse.

2. On screen will be displayed text message from service.
User report uniq 6 digit code from message to the tech support.
Then click "Ok" button and its mean, that user agree to connect tech support for view screen in browser.

3. Tech support specialist open Viewer page (Click Viewer in top menu), enter 6-digit code and click "Connect". Then image from users screen appears on Viewer page.

User can close session by clicking on image “X” in top-left corner.
Tech support can close session by clicking on "Disconnect" button.

Test Web Viewer

You can try the service using our test site

Follow the usage instructions above or just see video: